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Grand News Network | February 28, 2024

EnigmaFund VC Unveils UNA Initiative: A Lifeline for UST and LUNA Holders to Reclaim Losses Post TerraLuna Collapse

In the wake of the catastrophic $160 billion crash of LUNA and UST in 2022, EnigmaFund Venture Capital steps forward with the launch of UNA, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at empowering affected and disenfranchised crypto investors to reclaim their lost fortunes.

Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal, 28th Feb 2024 – EnigmaFund Venture Capital has announced that they are launching UNA, the community recovery Operating System of Web3 built on the back of innovative tokenomic game-theory, utility and economic modeling. 

EnigmaFund VC Unveils UNA Initiative: A Lifeline for UST and LUNA Holders to Reclaim Losses Post TerraLuna Collapse

Enigma, the GP and Founder of EnigmaFund VC, Excelsior and UNA shares: “Our mission is to revitalize, resurrect and recapitalize massive disenfranchised dormant communities, and fold them into a new era of trustless DeFi.” 

Perhaps most interestingly for any the victims of TerraLuna, 50% of the UNA supply can be freely claimed by anyone that had UST/ LUNA at the depeg, 6th/ 7th of May.

The UNA “chefs” (as the team refers to themselves), comprise of well known and respected crypto industry leaders including their cofounding CTO Larron Armstead, formerly the CTO and founder of Supra Oracles. They are joined by a team of 10 crypto-native entrepreneurs including:

  • Coco, the head of $TOSHI which has driven 60%-70% of the traded volume on Coinbase’s Base chain;
  • Austin Seiberlich of CoinCraft, who designed the token economies of well known crypto startups such as Superchain, Entangle Protocol, Ready Games, Hypercycle
  • Kenno, the founder of 1NVST, a leading German venture capital firm and advisory

“We have spent over a year designing the tokenomics and theory, as well chatting to centralized exchanges and projects that held LUNA and UST. Our goal is to partner with the CEXs to snapshot their users and inform them that they will get a free claim. Moreover, the CEXs, DEXs, many projects, communities and VCs are all claimants. Their cost to be involved and claim is zero. Their upside? Everything.” states Enigma.

EnigmaFund recently partnered with Superchain (Backed by Blockchain Capital, Maven11 and Keyrock) to uncover trustless and accurate data of all the TerraLuna victims on EVM chains, as well as plan for data provision for future fast next-gen DeFi products.

UNA aims to launch the claim portal in Q2 2024, and has started raising its first round of capital.

In the meanwhile, UNA has produced a video sharing their tokenomic design and game theory and launched a substantial airdrop campaign where anyone can earn their share of over 200 million $UNA.

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What is EnigmaFund?

EnigmaFund is a Web3-focused venture capital fund where 70% of investments are focused on companies they advise and accelerate. EnigmaFund serves on the boards of well-known crypto companies including Entangle Protocol, ATOR, Ready Games, and Aether Games.

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