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Grand News Network | February 4, 2024

TROPTIONS PAY Teams Up with GivBux Super App and ABA, Transforming Basketball Transactions and Fan Experiences

BOYNTON BEACH, Fl, United States, 4th Feb 2024 — In an innovative move that sets a new standard in the convergence of sports, media, cryptocurrency, and entertainment, Black Stone Marketing and Consulting, in collaboration with Abagale Media, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with the American Basketball Association (ABA). This collaboration introduces TROPTIONS PAY, a leading digital currency, as the official payment solution within the dynamic ecosystem of ABAGALE and the ABA, facilitated through the GivBux Super App.

This multi-million-dollar venture marks a significant milestone in the sports industry, blending the thrill of professional basketball with the cutting-edge convenience of digital currency transactions. TROPTIONS PAY’s integration into the GivBux Super App allows fans and users to seamlessly conduct transactions, purchase tickets, acquire merchandise, and access exclusive ABAGALE and ABA-related experiences with unparalleled ease.

The GivBux Super App, accessible for free on both the App Store and Play Store, emerges as a central hub for transactions, offering a secure and user-friendly platform. Users are invited to explore this new realm of digital engagement by using the invitation code ‘troptionspay,’ unlocking a suite of rewards, discounts, and special deals exclusive to the ABA community.

A New Era for ABA Fans TROPTIONS PAY transcends traditional payment methods, offering ABAGALE and the ABA fans a novel approach to supporting their favorite teams and accessing premium content. This partnership not only simplifies the purchasing process but also enriches the fan experience with the potential for behind-the-scenes access and unique ABA content. Bryan Stone, CEO of Black Stone Marketing and Consulting expressed his excitement about the venture, stating, “Joining forces with the GivBux Super App and the ABA through TROPTIONS PAY is a leap towards redefining fan engagement. We’re committed to enhancing the basketball experience, making every transaction smooth, secure, and rewarding.”

Harold Whaley of the ABAGALE and the ABA commented on the partnership’s significance, saying, “Our alliance with TROPTIONS PAY underscores both ABAGALE and the ABA’s dedication to innovation and superior fan service. We’re setting new benchmarks for how sports leagues interact with digital currencies, offering our fans a futuristic and engaging way to connect with the game.”

About the Collaborators

  • TROPTIONS PAY: A pioneering digital currency, TROPTIONS PAY is at the forefront of secure, instant, and innovative transactions. Its integration into the sports and entertainment sectors signifies a major advancement in how fans interact with digital platforms.
  • • GivBux Super App: The GivBux Super App is a revolutionary platform that amalgamates convenience with rewards. It facilitates secure transactions, offers discounts, and curates exclusive deals, all within a user-friendly environment.
  • • American Basketball Association (ABA): The ABA stands as a beacon of professional basketball, known for its dynamic gameplay and fan-centric approach. It continues to push the boundaries of the sport, embracing technological advancements and offering unforgettable experiences to basketball lovers.
  • For additional information on this transformative partnership and to explore the possibilities it unlocks, please visit:
  • • GIVBUX — IT PAYS TO GIVE: GivBux Super App
  • ABA Basketball — Official Website of the ABA: For further inquiries, please contact Harold Whaley for ABAGALE and ABA-related questions,
  • please contact Bryan Stone for Black Stone Marketing and Consulting and related questions,


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